Hi, I’m becky!

I passionately believe that your workspace is essential for your business success.


I’ve got a confession…


…I’m a recovering perfectionist, procrastinator and master of complacency!

I spent too many years playing small and “going with the flow” that by the time I reached my 30th birthday, I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. I was unhappy, I didn’t enjoy work anymore, I didn’t like where I was living. I felt lost and stuck in limbo, and I couldn’t remember how I got to this place.

When I started being INTENTIONAL with the space around me, I was shocked by the transformation it had on my mind-set and well-being.

I decided enough was enough and started making big life changes.

  • I quit my steady corporate job in search of finding my passion.

  • I started being intentional with my time, creating new healthy habits for my mind, body and soul.

  • And I started taking care of my environment…


The third piece of the puzzle was transformational for me.

Once I started understanding that my environment seriously affected me, I realised that I could CONTROL that.

I could CHOOSE what was around me and what I would see on a daily basis.

This journey happened while I started working from home and I quickly realised that my productivity, focus, effectiveness and enjoyment in each day was impacted by where I worked. I would find myself seriously distracted or procrastinating if there was chaos and clutter around me.


a cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind.


How are we meant to create the business of our dreams when our mind is messy? Quick answer – it’s harder!

To simplify my business success, I created a sanctuary that I was excited to work in. A place that represented me and my business, where I could connect with my goals and my mission, and stay focused and intentional.

And it has been life-changing!

I’ve never felt so inspired, creative, energetic and passionate on a consistent basis. Yes, there are difficult and challenging times, but I’ve created an environment that supports me more than I could ever have imagined.


This is what I want to share with you!