5 Questions To Ask Yourself: When Decluttering Your Workspace


Decluttering your workspace is a KEY STEP towards creating your Work Sanctuary

Why is decluttering our workspaces important?

You’ve probably heard a lot of people tell you – “Tidy Home =Tidy Mind” (including me).

Well, it’s true!

Your conscious mind cannot focus on too many things at once, so it may ignore clutter around you, but your subconscious mind notices EVERYTHING!

It notices and processes your paperwork, anything on your desk, the images around you and everything in between. It sees all and spends time and energy downloading this information – whether it’s relevant or not.

So, the more things your subconscious mind sees, the busier and more cluttered it becomes.  And the busier your subconscious mind is, it reduces the capacity to be used for creativity and intuition within your business!

That’s why decluttering your workspace is ESSENTIAL to free your subconscious mind from distracting information.

Decluttering your workspace will help you to maximise focus and clarity in your workspace. 

And who doesn’t want more focus and clarity in their working day?

What is workspace clutter?

Workspace clutter is ANYTHING that doesn’t add value to you or your business.

I passionately believe that you should be working in an INTENTIONAL space that is focused on your work and you as a business-owner. And nothing else!

When you work within your home, you are surrounded by home comforts that distract you from being in business-mode. So you need a space that is designed to enable you to work at your best and consistently. 

This space is what I call a ‘Work Sanctuary’.

I challenge you to look around your workspace RIGHT NOW and I bet you will find something that does not deserve to be in your Work Sanctuary.


These 5 Questions will guide you through clearing clutter from your workspace to create a more inspirational space that you will LOVE working in…

1.     Does this item align with my vision and goals for business success?

Your workspace should be designed specifically for you and your business.  So ask yourself whether items support and encourage your plan for success in your business. Or whether they support and encourage YOU to be the successful person you are destined to be.

2.     Does this item align with my dream workspace vision?

I support clients with a visualisation to “see” their dream workspace and we use this as the basis of their Work Sanctuary.  In the absence of this, ask yourself – if you could start over and create a new workspace, would you choose to keep this item in your dream space?

3.     Is this item business-focused or have a genuine purpose in my business?

Alongside dreams, visions and goals, we also need practical things in our workspaces.  But don’t ASSUME you need it – ask yourself, does this item actually have a purpose in the way you run your business… or is it there as it’s a standard piece of stationery or equipment?

4.     What emotions or feelings does this item create?

Our subconscious minds do not know the difference between real and imagined images. So during the working day it will NOTICE and DOWNLOAD everything and an emotion or feeling will be subconsciously created.

If you have photos or images in your workspace, ask yourself what emotion this creates.  Then ask yourself – do I want to feel this emotion or feeling while I’m working?

5.     Does this item bring intense joy and inspiration to me?

The fun part! With the items that do not fit into the first 4 categories, ask yourself whether they create intense joy or inspiration.  Surround yourself only with your favourite things to lift you up!


It really is that simple… know what you want and be intentional in your design.

Alongside the 5 questions, here are my top tips to guide you through the decluttering process:

  • Use Your Intuition

When asking yourself these questions, use your gut instinct and do not dwell on the answers.  You WILL KNOW the answer.

If you are ‘not sure’, place to one side and come back at the end. By this point your intuition will be in full flow and you will EASILY know whether this item deserves a space in your Work Sanctuary!

  • Have Fun!

Schedule a time to declutter and have fun with it!

Play your favourite high vibe music, put your diffuser oils on and open a window. Enjoy the process of being INTENTIONAL and taking a step towards your Work Sanctuary.

  • Celebrate & Reward Yourself

Clutter clearing is energetic work so make sure you reward yourself after your decluttering session. Plan something that lights you up and brings you joy - a hot bath, a hot date with your loved ones, a walk in nature or a cosy night in with a book.

The key thing is to acknowledge your efforts and celebrate this step. And don’t forget that I am ready to celebrate with you!!

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Lots of love and happiness,

Becky xx