Why Your Purpose Is Essential For Your Workspace


Have you connected your PURPOSE with your WORKSPACE?

Home-working has been on a rise for the past 5 years. With greater connectivity and systems as we enter 2020, this is set to increase exponentially in the next few years.

As a business owner working from home, what are you doing to stay focused and clear on your business mission?

I passionately believe that you need to create a Work Sanctuary…

What is a Workspace Sanctuary?

Don’t worry, it’s not religious! It’s simply a place of refuge from your glorious home and the challenges it represents on your entrepreneurial journey.

It will be a space that is designed and personalised for you and your business. A designated place…

  • you love to work in

  • that is free from home distractions and non-business responsibilities

  • that inspires you and fuels your creativity

  • that optimises focus, clarity and intentionality

  • that aligns with your business mission and your purpose


 This is more than #officeinspo…

…although a pretty workspace with a luxury chandelier and matching folders is INSPIRING and will bring JOY to your life, there must be more to your workspace than just interior design.

 Your Purpose

 If your workspace is not aligned whole-heartedly to your greater purpose in life and business, your sanctuary will just become a “pretty room” in your house.

 Ask yourself this question to test whether your workspace is in alignment… When I sit at my desk, am I reminded of my purpose?

 If not, consider these thoughts…

  • Are you clear on what your purpose is?

  • Does your purpose align with your business mission?

  • Is your purpose part of your daily routine?

  • Is your purpose showcased and celebrated in your workspace?

  • Is your purpose with you in every decision, action and plan you make?

  • Are you living true to your purpose? Take a moment to journal and note down your answers.

Take a moment to journal and note down your answers.

Why is my purpose essential to where I work?

Your purpose is integral to you and your business if you want to live a life that is true to you.


It’s also widely reported that businesses that lead with their purpose, have greater success and financial abundance.  As your ideal clients don’t buy what you do… they buy WHY you do it (Simon Sinek – you are the purpose GOD!).

But if living purposeful is a new concept (as unfortunately this is not yet taught in schools!), you need to treat it as a developing a new habit or belief.

The good news is that you CAN re-wire your gorgeous brain to perform, behave or think a different way. Whatever you choose to repeatedly do, our brains will form neuronal connections to create patterns that are strengthened over time with consistent repetition. This will then become part of our subconscious mind and our belief system.

So, to build a new habit and belief in your purpose, I believe this should be fully incorporated into your workspace as a daily reminder of your WHY.

What are the benefits?

By showcasing your purpose in your workspace, you will have a visual reminder that will feed into EVERYTHING you do.

The content you produce, the way you show up for clients, making business decisions, how you utilise your time and energy, the projects you plan, the results you seek, the behaviours you adopt, and the thoughts and words that you choose to use.

Imagine this….

Every morning you wake up energised, complete your sacred morning routine, enter your work sanctuary and sit down. 

You see your purpose written out and you take a few moments to connect with the statement.  You feel fired up and ready for your day.

You review your daily schedule with your purpose in mind and pro-actively assess whether your day is in alignment with your business and life purpose. You adjust if necessary. 

Throughout the day you feel focused, you feel as though what you are doing is contributing to your overall purpose, you feel like you are making a difference step by step. 

If or when you have a wobble, you look up and you see your purpose staring at you. You smile and reframe. 

You complete your day on a high knowing you have spent your time in alignment with your purpose, and thanking your workspace for supporting your journey.

Is this what you want?

It was what I wanted. For me, a purposeful day feels almost the same as this…. ;)


Take Action Today…

Write your purpose down and display it in your workspace where you will see it daily.  Schedule time to read this and connect with your purpose daily.

With every project, launch, or programme, re-write your purpose in alignment with what you wish to achieve.  Place this somewhere you will see it daily.

You will notice that your workspace will support you in becoming more focused and intentional, and most importantly, in alignment with your greater purpose.

It’s step one towards creating your work sanctuary.

Show me yours!

Share your pictures on Facebook and Instagram and tag me in, or send to me directly at info@beckystanton.com.

Lots of love and happiness,

Becky xx