7 Ways to Celebrate Your Success For Business Growth


Working as a solopreneur often means that successes are not frequently celebrated, let alone acknowledged. There is power in celebrating the successes and I will share my favourite seven ways for you to practice this often.

Not long ago, I was working my life away in the corporate world. Although I was passion-less, there was one thing that lifted my spirits.

Celebrating successes with people!

It could be a team project, a personal achievement, a Company victory, or something as simple as a birthday. I had grown accustomed to being in a business culture that celebrates successes and connecting with big milestones.

So when I started this entrepreneurial journey and started working from home ALONE, I immediately noticed the lack of celebration.

Who was I going to celebrate with; my cats?


Knowing that celebrating successes motivated me to keep going and continually aiming higher, I started incorporating this into my work routine.

When I reached a goal, I celebrated.

When I received good news, I celebrated.

When I felt inspired and had a new business idea, I celebrated.

 It’s so empowering to take a moment to connect with the success and celebrate your progress.

I now take it one step further to ensure that I record the journey and don’t forget how far I’ve come from that unhappy girl in her corporate job holding a glass of prosecco.

Why is celebrating key to business growth?

As we know, mind-set and well-being are key to consistent business success.

Celebration is essentially a grand gratitude gesture (a GGG). By having rituals for business celebration, you encourage yourself to be in the moment and enjoy what you have, instead of being continuously forward or past/reflective focused.

It’s a moment to enjoy intense and pure feelings of joy. You can let that feeling pass through your body, to feel the meaning and the significance of your success.

The joy and celebration alone will push you forward. And you can use the ‘success map’ (the why’s, the what’s, the how’s) in your next goal or venture to create more successes and celebrations!

Also, by keeping a record of your successes, you can reminisce and reconnect to this power in moments when you might feel low, stuck or unmotivated. You will have created your very own helping hand to remind yourself that “You Can Do It” as you’ve succeeded before.

So here are my top 7 greatest tips for celebrating your successes on this wonderful journey working from home…


1.     Success Jar

All you need is a jar, paper and pens. Every time you accomplish something, write down the date and the achievement. Place in the jar and you can review weekly/monthly/annually.


2.     Success Journal

Similar to the Success Jar, you can add an entry with every celebration.  You can connect with the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arise as you mark this achievement.


3.     Success Selfie

Go one step further on the Success Journal and take a photo of you in the moment. Save electronically or print for your journal to document your journey visually too – watch yourself GROW and DEVELOP!


4.     Share your Successes

Shout from the rooftops and celebrate with others – your family, loved ones, friends, virtual connections on social media and supportive groups. Share share share and bathe in the well wishes.


5.     Write your Success Story

Connect with the story behind your achievement and document it in a newsletter, blog post or a chapter in your upcoming book! Document it now and share when you are ready.


6.     Treat Yo’self

Be ready to throw yourself a celebration!! Whether it’s a full blown party, a celebratory dinner, a cheeky glass of bubbly indoors, a steaming hot bath with your favourite book or time spent however you wish! You’ve earned it.


7.     Victory dance

And don’t forget to create yourself a special dance to your favourite song. Whenever you have a success, turn up your tune and dance your heart away (with or without people there… my dog joins in!).



Take Action Today…

Decide what success ritual you want to introduce to your journey and get ready to celebrate WILDLY when you hit your goals or do anything that is worthy of some gratitude!

When it happens, bathe in this moment. Honour the moment and appreciate it for what it is. No matter how big, or how small, every success on this winding entrepreneurial journey is worthy of celebration.

And this moment of success and joy will provide motivation, inspiration and creativity in abundance!

Show me yours!

Share your celebratory pictures on Facebook and Instagram and tag me in, or send to me directly at info@beckystanton.com.

Lots of love and happiness,

Becky xx

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