Do you want to create your Work Sanctuary?


Working from home can be challenging!


You are wishing to create the business of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.

 But you are surrounded by demands and responsibilities from other areas of your life, distracted by your home comforts (your snuggly sofas, your favourite TV shows and non-stop access to your phone) and more prone to procrastinating… or procrasti-cleaning!

Focusing on our businesses to create abundant success becomes a daily struggle. It seems so much harder than we thought it would be.


But it doesn’t have to be this difficult…


Hi, I’m Becky!

I’m insanely passionate about interior design, feng shui, success habits, organisation and vision boards.

I believe that our work environments should be an extension of our businesses to maximise our success. 

As what we see on a daily basis affects how we feel, think, act and believe.

I have seen how transformational it can be to create an intentional and success-driven workspace and I’m eager to share all!


Are you ready to make a change?

Are you ready to take control of your work environment and create a space that supports your big vision for your dream life and business?

When you work with me, you will create a workspace that you will never want to leave. A place of sanctuary to create your best work and enjoy it!

A work sanctuary is a place where you feel inspired, creative, focused, intentional and joyful every single day. 

We realign your home energy with the energy you want for your life and business.

Imagine waking up with a clear purpose, surrounding yourself with positive habits for success, with an excitement in your belly to take inspired action towards your life goals, in a beautiful and personalised space that brings you genuine joy and creativity.

And if you are feeling this high vibe… you WILL create the success you dream about in your business.


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Are you working from home and struggling to maintain focus, drive and creativity?

Download my free e-book - ‘5 Ways Your Workspace Is Blocking Your Success’ - to understand the importance of your work environment and how it can affect your business success.


Are you ready to create the workspace of your dreams?