Let’s reduce waste this Christmas Day…

while re-discovering the magic of Christmas and giving something back to our planet in the process.

Are you in?

It’s relatively simple. We need to make conscientious and eco-friendly decisions to ensure we are creating less waste and recycling matter for this one marvellous day.

We appreciate this can be a big shift, so 'A Present for Planet Earth’ is here to support you on this journey. We will provide important information and eye-opening facts on waste and recycling, while promoting sustainable products and produce for you to consider this festive season, and showcasing ideas for up-cycling and re-purposing materials.

We will also encourage mindful practices to incorporate into your busy Christmas season, so that we don’t lose sight on what this celebration individually means to us. Let’s get that sparkle back, and say bub-bye to the stresses and pressure that get on top of us.

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