Let’s work together!


Are you ready to harmonise your business & workspace?


You are dreaming of creating business success BEYOND your wildest dreams, but there is something getting in your way.

Do you often find that…

- You avoid working at your desk because it’s so uninspiring and cluttered?

- You are easily distracted at home by everything around you?

- You struggle to stay focused and are not as effective with time and energy as you hoped when you planned your day?

- You choose to work from local cafes more and more to avoid working from home?

- You feel overwhelmed and every step feels harder and harder?

- You feel like your days are full but you feel unfulfilled and out of balance?

- You don’t know where to start to fix things?

I know that you will have a big heart and a big mission. 

I bet that you are doing so much mind-set work, trying to add positive habits into your day and you’re exploring mindfulness to support you on this journey.

But you still feel misaligned and stuck where you are.

That’s because there is one piece you’re not paying enough attention to… your environment!


I’ve experienced all of these things, and it wasn’t until I acknowledged the power of my environment, that huge shifts started for me. Read more about my story here.


I’m here to support the change you’re ready to make!


I would love to work with you and support you to regain that power and focus within your home. All you need to do is to create a Work Sanctuary.

A Work Sanctuary is a workspace designed specifically for you in order to maximise your business growth and business success. It’s the connection between your environment and your business vision.

A place you will thrive in daily. A space that energetically aligns with how you want to think, feel and act as the CEO of your business.

So that you can wake up with intention and positivity. Just imagine…

-       Waking up and feeling excited to start your working day in your workspace

-       Creating a space that connects you daily with your business mission and goals

-       Feeling inspired and creative organically every single day

-       Being intentional and purposeful with your time and energy for balance and harmony

-       Having genuine focus and clarity within your business to prioritise and be purposeful

-       Achieve your goals quicker and with more ease

-       Feeling vibrant and in flow with your business journey

You can create your very own dream workspace in just ONE DAY or a 4-WEEK PROGRAMME.

This partnership is for you if…

-     You are ready to regain control of your workspace and be the CEO of your dreams

-     You are excited to try a new approach and experience how transformational balancing your environment can be

-     You have a calling to up-level your business but are worried about the burden on your personal energy

-     You want to enjoy the journey and bring joy & happiness more into your working day

-     You are wanting more balance and harmony in your life and business

-     You are ready to invest in yourself and your business for the next level of success and abundance

The three packages offer the same teachings, guidance and support over different time-frames. All include workbooks, meditations and 121 time with me.


“I had an insanely messy office that I could never keep clear and tidy. It was upsetting because I really wanted it to be my sacred work space, but as this room also functions as a spare room, it would often become the designated dumping ground within a couple of weeks of tidying.

It was a joy to work with Becky. Her simple and clear instructions, her understanding and lightness about it all, made it a very pleasant and effective few weeks. I never felt judged or ashamed about the state things had gotten into or how it had affected me.

After working together, I felt like I had freshened up the whole room and improved my energy along with it.

Learning more about Feng Shui and the practical applications gave some brilliant structure to the room and my desk. It feels like everything has a place and purpose now.

Now, sitting at my new desk layout feels great and the office has been clutter free for many weeks! (The longest time in 4 years!)

Thank you!”


Are you ready to join me?