Is Your Workspace Set-Up for Success?


Why Your Workspace Is A Key Factor To Your Business Success

Look around your space now. What do you see?

I’m in my office (aka my Work Sanctuary) and I can see my desk, my Power Wall, my inspirational images, my bookcase and gorgeous trees outside my window.

But there is so much more that we are not seeing…

When we look through our eyes, we are not seeing reality but merely decoding information in the form of light and literally blind to everything else.
— Ziad Masri, Reality Unveiled

Scientists have proven that our eyesight can only see visible light and cannot see other other forms of light, like electromagnetic waves – from radio waves to gamma rays on the spectrum.

Non-visible light is around us all the time – sending texts to our phones, printing from the laptop to our printers wirelessly, this blog being shared with your screen, listening to songs on the radio.

Why don’t we see all these things? Well, our eyes evolved only to see visible light, as that was deemed most useful for our survival. But that doesn’t mean everything else doesn’t exist.

We know electricity exits, but we cannot see it working. We know wind exists, but we cannot see wind (only the effects of wind). 

The important thing is that you can FEEL the energy

You have evolved to be sensitive to your surroundings for survival.

Have you ever walked into a room and “felt” it. You may have said, “you can cut the tension with a knife” or when buying a home, “this just feels right”.  You can feel the energies and forces around you, you just can’t always communicate it logically. It’s using a different part of your brain.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel it and work with it.


So have another look around your space and ask yourself, what do you now see?

It’s time to look at your workspaces as MORE than just a space.  It’s full of energy that is directly impacting your energy.


The #1 Reason your Environment is Key

It’s simple – a bad environment affects your personal energy negatively.

The solution is therefore to create a ‘good’ environment.

Now, in feng shui, we believe that there is no such thing as explicitly good and bad.  We believe in a spectrum of worse and better. ‘Perfect’ does not exist and should never be a focus.

The aim is to make on-going improvements towards ‘better’ by consistently managing your space and acknowledging the effects that your environment has on you. And always seeking to improve it.


What effect does the environment have on you?

When I talk about the environment, I’m referring to what surrounds you – both what you can see and not see. Everything from light, images, energies, clutter, colour, sounds, space to the placement of furniture.

Your environment affects you in three key ways…

  • Your mood – your emotions, beliefs and thoughts

  • Your behaviour – the way you behave and habits

  • Your proactivity – the motivation to take action

If you are in a ‘bad’ environment – full of clutter, messy, dark and noisy – your mood, behaviour and proactivity will be affected. You may feel negative emotions or pessimistic thought patterns, behave outside your usual values and habits, and your motivation to be active and positive may be difficult.

A key step towards creating a Work Sanctuary – a workspace you LOVE working in that is in full alignment with your business – is ensuring the environment you are working in is NOT tripping you up. Instead, it’s focusing on creating a space that enhances your mood, behaviour and proactivity for business success.

You will want to create a space that…

  •  is positive, uplifting and inspirational

  • encourages you to behave as the best version of you

  • provides clarity and focus for intentional work

  • injects joy and happiness into your day

It’s often the missing piece on your entrepreneurial journey, and often is slowing growth and progress.

So, if you are ready to up-level in your business, take a moment to review the space you are working in and ensure that you are fully set-up for success.

Where should you start?

The easiest first step is to clear any clutter in your workspace to create more space and clear out any stagnant energy. 

The good news is I am here to guide you through it. You can read my blog here to uncover the ‘5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Workspace’. And if you have any clutter clearing questions, please do get in touch!

You can also download my free e-book ‘5 Ways Your Workspace Is Blocking Your Success’ here.


Once you’ve started this process to creating a BETTER space, share your progress on Facebook and Instagram and tag me in, or send to me directly at

Lots of love and happiness,

Becky xx

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